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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 18

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 18   Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:26 pm

Chapter 18: route 6 ahoy

- Who's that pokemon from last time: Growlithe

- last time our heroes encountered jackson and took the underground path towards route 6

- (route 6 HGSS music plays)

Author: what's this, HGSS music, that can only mean 1 thing, *ahem* Voice-Over

- Voice-Over: you can't accuse me of nothing i was at the dentist having dental work

Author: i phoned that dentist and they said you were never there, you used that as an excuse so you can get me to relax so you can change the music

Silver: *ahem* ladies can we stop arguing up there

Author: sorry, enjoy

Jordan: we've been walking around here for 10 minutes and we're not even halfway there

Silver: c'mon Jordan where's your sense of adventure dude

Jordan: Silver! did you just....

Silver: nope

Samson: guys, don't look now, but i think i found something (looks down) it's a disk

Jordan: looks more like a TM, or Technical Machine, you can...

- Voice-Over: *yawn yawn yawn*

Author: if you're tred, go to sleep then

Jordan: ...anyways once you teach the move onto the pokemon, the TM breaks, and is unusable

Samson: *yawns* done yet

Silver: samson, what Jordan said wasn't boring anyways i can see a crossroads so let's keep going forwards

Samson: hold on, it seems to easy, just walk forwards, i don't--- guys

Jordan: there's not meant to be traps, you sound like there's something suspicious here, like ... Jackson

Silver: he has a good point there, that's why we're walking onwards anyway

- about 10 minutes later they reach the end...

Jordan: ah route 6, natural sunlight, so let's get moving

Silver: yeah, and who knows there could be trainers to fight

Samson: like that one, ... oh crap

Rick: look out! (bang) whoops sorry

Silver: no worries, your just a little accident prone i guess... wait a second

Jordan: Rick is that you

Rick: yea guilty as charged

Samson: who is this

Rick: hi i'm rick, i'm an accident prone bug catcher, but still i'm here training my pokemon

Silver: great what pokemon are you training then?

Rick: come on out Scyther!

SCYTHER: scy ther (nice to meet you)

Rick: i found him in the viridian forest, hey wanna battle, i want to see how that caterpie of yours has gotten

Silver: ok then butterfree get out there

BUTTERFREE: tweet tweet (bug vs bug, this is interesting)

Silver: tackle

Rick: slash attack

- the slash attack had overpowered the tackle attack in power, it hits one of butterfree's weak spots but it's still standing

Silver: string shot!

Rick: slash!

Silver: confusion!

- the silky string shot was fired at the target, but before it was pulverised by slash, butterfree's confusion controls the blades and use them to attack scyther, the string shot wraps around scyther, and it has trouble balancing before...

Silver: finish with tackle butterfree

- butterfree charges towards the target, and as it hit, the force was enough to knock it over, and scyther had fainted

Rick: darn, i still need more training, but it was great bumping into you guys, i guess i'm gonna train some more

Jordan: wait, how'd he.....

Silver: never mind that, let's on moving

- meanwhile from about a few metres away

ANON: i don't care she's mine

ANON 2: since when?

ANON: since before you were born

ANON 2: that makes no sense

ANON: neither does your face

ANON 2: (sarcastic) nice comeback

Samson: ladies stop arguing

ANON: shut the hell up, this has nothing to do with you

- then the Teddiursa, those two ANONs were fighting over appeared

ANON: there she is

Samson: hitmonchan make a stand

ANON 2: hey! you can't do that, go poliwag

POLIWAG: poli (give me the order and i'll do it)

ANON 2: hypnosis

- at that point hypnotic waves come from poliwag's body towards Hitmonchan, Hitmonchan tries to defend itself but as the waves hit his fists Hitmonchan fell asleep

Samson: damn

ANON: go Poliwhirl

POLIWHIRL: poli (i'll do my best)

Silver: ivysaur get out there

Jordan: go pikachu

Samson: Paras, make a stand

PARAS: paras! (how dare you!)

- and so the fight began, with poliwag and poliwhirl using hypnosis, but the thunderbolt managed to fight it enough to stop the waves hitting pikachu and doing a little damage to poliwag and poliwhirl, whatever force was left from the waves was enough to put Ivysaur to sleep.

Silver: oh come on

Jordan: now use thunder!

- the thunder coming from pikachu is launched up, and a few seconds later hit's all pokemon, the force of which was able to wake Ivysaur and knock out Poliwag and Poliwhirl, meanwhile...

Samson: Paras use spore

- tiny spores emerged from paras' mushroom's and slowly floated towards the paralyzed teddiursa

ANON: quick, that little douchebag is gonna get it before we do

Jordan: going anywhere ladies

ANON 2: err... mate let's flee before...

PIKACHU: piiiiiikkaaaa........chuuuuuu (take this)

ANONS: aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

- meanwhile the spores hit teddiursa, teddiursa fell asleep

Samson: now for the pokeball, go!

- the pokeball flew towards the target, hit teddiursa and aabout 3 wiggles of the ball later, teddiursa was caught

Samson: yea, i got a teddiursa

Silver: great, now we can get moving to, err.... where do we have to go again

Jordan: i think it was Vermillion and it's not far from here

Samson: great...

-----------------chapter ends--------------------

Who's that pokemon: the pokemon the ANONS were fighting over
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PostSubject: Re: A Kanto Story, Chapter 18   Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:59 am

Great chapter silver!

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A Kanto Story, Chapter 18
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