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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 5

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 5   Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:10 pm

Chapter 5: capture fest

- who's that pokemon from last time: espeon

- last time our heroes beat team rocket in viridian city

- (No music playing)

Author: hey! isn't there supposed to be music playing

-VOICE-OVER: enjoy the ..............(author interrupts)

Author: no no no, no voice-overs, Author only final destination, enjoy

- the voice-over and author left, meanwhile

Silver: oh crap we can't go anywhere now, not while the nice old man is blocking our way

Jordan: we can help him again, or we can go around him

Silver: no, i'd say we go help him, it'll be our good deed for the day

- they go to help the old man

Silver: hey, are you ok?

Old man: i need coffee, coffee

Jordan: you want coffee? i know where to get some coffee

S and J: STARBUCK'S!!!

- silver and jordan go to starbuck's to get some coffee, whilst waiting in the line

Silver: now that we got the coffee let's go

- 2 minutes later,

Old man: aahhhh! thanks now as a reward i'm gonna show you how to catch some pokemon

Jordan: hmmmm.....

- suddenly a wild weedle appeared

Old man: right on cue, ok then rattata come out and use tackle attack

- the weedle failed to dodge because the rattata was too fast

Old man: ok then it's HP is down time for a pokeball

- 3 wiggles on the pokeball later, the old man caught the weedle

Old man: that's all there is to it

Silver: ok then, hey jordan, i feel like catching some pokemon do you?

Jordan: ok then, let's go

- they go to route 2 (route 2 HGSS music plays)

Author: finally! i got music playing

- meanwhile a wild mankey appeared from the nearby bushes

Silver: it's so mine ok then espeon get out there and use confusion

Espeon: espeeeeeeeeeon (down you go!)

- it ws super effective the mankey fainted

Jordan: go ...............(silver interrupts)

Silver: pokeball

- 3 wiggles later and silver caught the mankey

Jordan: lucky idiot, it was mine too

Silver: well i killed it, were you trying to take credit for what i done

- then, a wild pikachu appeared from the bushes near the viridian forest

Silver: espeon use confusion

- the wild pikachu used thundershock in self defense

Silver: espeon dodge then use confusion

- espeon dodges, then the pikachu levitated in the air and when espeon let go, pikachu fell to the ground and the pikachu fainted

Jordan: now's my chance, pokeball go!

Silver: hey! i did all the work

- whilst silver was having a go at jordan, his pokeball wiggled 3 times, and jordan caught the pikachu

Jordan: besides you caught the mankey

Silver: oh, ok then, oh look i can see viridian forest is ahead in the distance

Jordan: is it?, ok then let's go

Silver: hold on wait a minute i just thought of something don't i need 3 pokemon for the first gym?

Jordan: well viridian forst has some wild pokemon in it

Silver: true you do have a point there

- meanwhile a wild bulbasaur appeared from another nearby bush, and so did an ANON who came up from behind Silver and Jordan

ANON: that bulbasaur is mine i saw it first

Silver: no it isn't?!

----------------chapter ends--------------------

who's that pokemon: the pokemon the old man caught
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A Kanto Story, Chapter 5
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