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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 20

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 20   Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:27 pm

Chapter 20: Battle aboard the S.S Anne, part 2

- who's that pokemon from last time: Butterfree

- last time our heroes boarded the S.S Anne, and a group of Gyarados are attacking it

- (SSBB Battle for Storm Hill music plays)

Author: now nobody will tell the difference

-Voice-Over: is that a new music box?

Author: yes, since the other one was unrepairable, enjoy

- *BOOM*

ANONS: aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

TR Grunt: haha, you pathetic losers hand over your pokemon

ANON 2: never

TR Grunt 2: like you have a choice

- meanwhile...

Silver: no what are we gonna doooooo........... man that was close

shiny GYARADOS: gyaraaaaaaa (Die humans)

TR Grunt 3: i need reinforcements we must catch that gyarados

Samson: you'll do no such (gets punched) oooooowwwwww

TR Grunt 3: you were saying

Jordan: gyarados, don't you remember me, wait go pikachu

PIKACHU: pika (hooray i'm out again)

Jordan: thundershock, my gyarados

PIKACHU: pikkkaaaaaaaaaachuuuuu (sorry to do this)

- the thundershock approaches the shiny gyarados, but before it hit, one of the other gyarados blocks it

Jordan: ok better plan, return gyarados

- one of the other gyarados blocks the pokeball

Jordan: oh crap, now what are we gonna, (turns around) do?

TR Grunt 4: yes, we have captured your friends and claimed their pokemon, now what are you gonna do

TR Grunt 5: and any electric attacks you try will be useless too

Silver: hey buddy, watch you STEP!

Samson: and yours you fool

TR Grunts 4 and 5: yeeooowwww

- as they were dealing with the pain, they dropped all the pokeballs they claimed, and Silver and Samson re-took them, meanwhile the gyarados charged head first into the boat, the force, started to make the S.S Anne sink

ANONS: aaaaahhh

ANON 3: the boat is starting to sink, we need to .........

TR Grunt: and who gave you the orders around here

ANON 4: shut up, you thug

TR Grunt: don't you DARE insult us! take this, you punk

????: so much for the relaxing cruise, Team rocket attacking, and whatever is happening outside, time for me to take matters into my own hands

TR Grunt 6: oh really

????: ya really, now flareon come on out

FLAREON: flare (time for some punishment)

????: flamethrower, the grunts, everyone else move

- the ANONs move, whilst the flamethower burns the grunts

????: now get off this boat

- meanwhile back outside...

Silver: ok espeon, use confusion on these grunts

ESPEON: espeeeeon!! (down you go, grunts)

TR Grunt 4: aaaaaahhhhhhh

TR Grunt 5: noooooooo, we won't forget this, all units retreeeeaaaaaaat!

TR Grunts: right, ok then punks you may have won this round, but we will be back

- Team Rocket then flee the scene

????: hey, lifeguard, get the emergency boats, so everyone can get off to safety

Lifeguard: ok, everyone in the cabins, and on the boats time to get on the emergency boats and off this boat, what about you

????: don't worry, i can get myself off, i'm needed outside to see the source of the explosions

- before everyone was able to get off easily and safely, the shiny gyarados, had used hyper beam on the boat, almost knocking it

Lifeguard: quick everyone on, is that everyone

Guard: yes that is everyone, we checked the whole boat

- meanwhile..........

Jordan: i have a better idea, go fearow

FEAROW: feeeeaaaaar (you need me boss!)

Jordan: take me up

FEAROW: feeeeaaaaar (ok boss) *picks up jordan*

Samson: i see what he is trying to do

????: is he trying to capture the red gyarados is he...........

Silver: no, the gyarados was his anyway, team rocket kicked his shiny magikarp into the water and it evolved

????: ok, (looks round) and it looks like the emergency boats had just left

Samson: so we're stuck here

Jordan: pikachu thunderbolt

PIKACHU: pikaaaaaachuuuuu (take this, from above)

- since the thunderbolt was from above, the other gyarados couldn't block it, it was super effective on the shiny gyarados, the force of which was able to calm the gyarados down, and then the other gyarados retreated

Jordan: now gyarados return!

- gyarados had returned to it's pokeball

????: well that was a stroke of luck

Samson: and now we're stuck here, we can't get off this stupid boat

????: well we can use the kids gyarados, since he has calmed down

Silver: good idea

Jordan: ok Gyarados come back out

GYARADOS: gyaraaaaa (you want me as a boat)

Jordan: everyone hop on

- our heroes and the mystery man jumped on the gyarados, and as they done so, the boat had sank into the sea, the storm had also subsided, a while later, our heroes got back to the port....

Jenny: is everyone ok?

Guard: yup all back safely

Jenny: thank god for that

GOD: no problem Officer Jenny

Silver: ...and now we're back, thanks gyarados

Samson: and thanks to you, we wouldn't have gotten back safely

????: lucky i was around to help

Jordan: by the way who are you

????: you don't recognise me, i was the winner of the previous tournament, i am Steven Rowan

Silver: the... Steven Rowan

Steven: yup, and now i'll be off, time for me to get another badge, see ya guys

- Steven left...

Silver: let's go the pokemon center so we can recharge for the next gym battle

J and Sa: right

- they go the pokemon center and sleep there overnight

-----------------------CHAPTER END---------------------

Who's that pokemon: the pokemon that Steven Rowan had used?
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A Kanto Story, Chapter 20
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