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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 15

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 15   Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:23 pm

Chapter 15: Why Team Legend is so great

- who's that pokemon from last time: psyduck

- last time silver got the cascade badge

- (SSBB battle for storm hill music plays)

Author: (just arrived) wait a minute since when was non-pokemon music allowed here?

- Voice-Over: since it said so under article 6 subsection B which states........(Author Interrupts)

Author: noone cares, i'm gonna change the......oh wait enjoy the story folks

- 2 days since silver got the cascade badge, our heroes are at the pokemon center

Samson: so silver back at the gym battle when you asked bulbasaur to use razor leaf and it used something different, was that on purpose or was bulbasaur not obeying you at the time

Silver: it was on purpose, wait a minute where's jordan?

- Jordan enters the pokemon center holding a cascade badge, then an explosion is heard

Jordan: where are those explosions coming from

Silver: more of them, god these thugs just don't stop do they?

Samson: wait a minute what about that threat, that those 3 young women was talking about maybe it's the same threat

- then an ANON comes in shouting about a threat

ANON: we must get out of here and fast, cerulean City is under attack

Jenny: i make the order kid, everyone must Evacuate the city immediately

- then Terob comes in with some reinforcements

Terob: oh you're not going anywhere, men take Jenny and stash her in the basement of the police station

TL Grunt: sir!

Jordan: is that..... are you?

Silver: wait a minute so Terob was working for Team Legend all this time

Terob: you are correct kid, but we can't have you interfering with our plans, Tyranitar blitz the pokemon center, men take these 3 to the jail we made for trouble-makers like you

- at that point Tyranitar used hyper beam to wreck the pokemon center, meanwhile the Team Legend grunts took Jenny to the police basement and our heroes to the jail whilst the other members of Team Legend was causing destruction in the city

-Voice-Over: time for.......

Author: no! we are not having that, i have an idea how about you go down there into the action

-Voice-Over: i know what you're trying to do and it won't work

TL Grunt: now you stay in that jail, keep an eye on them ok

TL Grunt 2: ok then

Silver: now what are we going to do

Samson: i have an idea, Hitmonchan, come out and use mega punch

- Hitmonchan punches the door, but instead it hurts himself

Samson: *sigh* Hitmonchan return

TL Grunt 2: trying to escape are we, i think we need to keep a tighter grip on you, pass me the.........

TL Grunt 3: i think this requires more than 1 person to watch over these guys

- meanwhile.. at the cerulean gym

Terob: get out of here now, or my tyranitar is going to blow it up, and believe me you wouldn't like to see that

Misty: ok ok we're leaving, don't get ugly

Terob: Tyranitar, wreck the gym anyway

Misty: you can't do that

Terob: yes we can, we own the city now

TL Grunt: ...and you really don't want to get on the wrong side of us

Misty: shut up, go Star-----

- and just like that the pokeball containing psyduck releases psyduck

Misty: (angry) again!!!!

TL Grunt: (laughing) if that's your defense then your not much of a gym leader are you?

Misty: i am! it's psyduck that's the problem

Terob: excuses,men take her away, put her in the police basement

TL Grunt: sir!

- meanwhile back at the jail

Jordan: those 2 guards aren't gonna move are they?

Samson: yea, and whose fault was it that got us caught

Silver: c'mon ladies let's not argue, i have an idea (picks up stone) how about we throw this stone and use it to distract the guard

Samson: ok then

- Silver throws the stone but it hits the guard on the head

TL Grunt: OW!

Silver: whoops, that shouldn't have happened

TL Grunt 2: that's it you've asked for it...

- just as the Team Legend Grunt was about to attack our heroes, a mysterious figure appeared before them

????: let them go

TL Grunt: never, you rebellious brute

????: ok then go Arcanine

ARCANINE: canine (time for pain)

????: use flamethrower

- Arcanine's flamethrower nearly get's in contact with the guards before they say...

TL Grunt: let's get out of here

TL Grunt 2: ok.... then

????: stand back, i'm gonna kick the down

- the grunts had ran away and the mystery man kicks the door down with a hiyaaaaa!

Silver: thanks you saved us , oh by the way what's your name

????: my name is Hero, i'm an ace trainer and i'm going to enter the upcoming indigo league

Jordan: don't look now, but over there i can see flames

Hero: oh no


???: hahahahahahahahahaha

-----------------Chapter Ends---------------------

Who's that pokemon?: the pokemon that the mystery man used
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A Kanto Story, Chapter 15
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