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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 14

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 14   Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:22 pm

Chapter 14: A falling cascade

- who's that pokemon from last time: Electabuzz

- last time our heroes fought off Terob in cerulean City

- (Route 25 FRLG music plays)

Author: Enjoy the story ........(-Voice-Over interrupts)

-Voice-Over: an opening wouldn't be an opening without a Voice-Over appearance

Author: that's it, that's the last straw i'm calling the police, getting a court order, anything that would get rid of you

-Voice-Over: i think not....

- our heroes decided to go to the cerulean cape on route 25, but.....

Silver: how come we can't get through this bridge?

ANON: this is the nugget bridge to pass you need to answer 1 question, answer it correctly you can go past and get a fabulous prize

Jordan: what is it, a nugget?

ANON: how did ya guess

Samson: well it is the nugget bridge

-Voice-Over: Samson gets the Capt. Obvious award for pointing out the Obvious

Author: err....... no

ANON: ok then time for your question, who is the gym leader of Cerulean City?

Silver: is it misty?

ANON: congratulations we have a winner of our fabulous prize.... a nugget well done

- our heroes go across the bridge and before they go to route 25 something else catches their eye

Silver: is that a wild charmander?

Jordan: yea and it's gonna be mine

- to make a long story short, the wild charmander used ember on jordan's head because it didn't like him, Silver sent in Mankey who used brick break on Charmander, about 5 minutes later it fainted, Silver threw the pokeball and caught the Charmander, our heroes then reached route 25 and the Cerulean cape

Misty's BF: misty i think we have visitors

Misty: huh?

Silver: misty..... i challenge you to a battle

Misty: sorry but i'm with my Boyfriend how about tomorrow

Silver: ok then

- the next morning Silver and Co. are outside the Cerulean Gym, after 10 minutes they enter, to see it full of water and some islands

Misty: surprised to see all this?

Silver: no not really

Ref: the battle between Silver the challenger from Pallet town and Misty the gym leader will now begin. each side will use 3 pokemon, and the battle is over when all 3 pokemon on either side are unable to continue, in addition only the challenger may substitute pokemon

Misty: ok then......

- and just like that the pokeball containing psyduck just sent out Psyduck for no reason, this gets Misty annoyed

Misty: (annoyed) i did not send out Psyduck this must be a joke

Jordan: and you're stuck with it too

Misty: arrrgggghhh

Silver: butterfree get out there

- when butterfree came out, there were a number of sparkles surrounding it

Butterfree: free freet (i'll do my best)

Silver: butterfree use tackle attack

Misty: aahhh psyduck dodge now

Psyduck: psyyyy (i don't want to)

- butterfree charges at psyduck with it doing nothing about it, the attack collides with it and it falls over

Misty: aaaahhhh psyduck!

Silver: now butterfree use confusion

- the confusion levitates psyduck, turns it over and drops it, it's head hits one of the islands it gets a headache and faints.

Misty: that was lucky because i never sent it out, now go staryu

Staryu: haaa! (i have no eyes but what the heck)

Misty: staryu tackle attack

Silver: tackle it butterfree

- both pokemon charge at each other, both attacks collide, both pokemon get hurt

Misty: water gun staryu

- water spurts out of one of the points of staryu, as it hits butterfree it's wings gets soaked, and because of that butterfree goes to the ground

Misty: tackle it staryu

- butterfree fainted

Silver: ok then espeon get out there

Espeon: espe espeon (i'm gonna avenge the fall of my comrade)

Silver: psybeam

- then a ray of light comes from espeons third eye and hits staryu, staryu fainted

Misty: ok starmie come on out

Starmie: heeerrrr (i don't have an eye either)

Samson: starmie is strong i can say that

Silver: shadow ball

Misty: jump underwater

- starmie jumps underwater just before the shadow ball is about to hit

Misty: rapid spin now

- starmie spins quickly towards espeon, espeon tries to jump out of the way but alas it gets hit multiple times

Misty: surf now!!!

Silver: dodge

- then a small tidal wave comes out from under starmie and because it is large espeon couldn't dodge this was because it was scared to move, it was too strong, espeon fainted

Silver: ok then Bulbasaur get out there

Bulbasaur: bulba....saur (ok here i come)

Silver: razor leaf

Misty: Rapid spin

- and instead of razor leaf coming out, bulbasaur's bulb was glowing

Jordan: huh is bulbasaur not obeying silver?

Samson: it doesn't seem like it

- then just before starmie hit.....

Silver: release it now

- bam the solarbeam hit it's target and since it was super effect starmie fainted, then the whole of bulbasaur started glowing, it had evolved into an Ivysaur and just like that an energy ball is released from it's mouth

Ref: and the winner is Silver from Pallet town

Misty: congratulations silver here is proof of you winning in the cascade badge

Silver: why thank you misty, i got a cascade badge

- then someone barges in unannounced

Daisy: something bad is about to happen misty we should defend ourselves

Misty: i haven't fallen for that since i was 4

Violet: but she is telling the truth misty

Lily: she's right remember that explosion yesterday, you were lucky the gym didn't get hit, but it could get hit this time

Jordan: i think we should leave right guys

Silver: right

Samson: and besides we have to discuss what this threat could be at the pokemon center

- they go to the pokemon center, heal up their pokemon and stay there overnight

--------------------Chapter Ends-----------------------------

who's that pokemon: the 1st pokemon misty used?
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A Kanto Story, Chapter 14
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