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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 19

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 19   Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:27 pm

Chapter 19: Battle aboard the SS. Anne part 1

- who's that pokemon from last time: teddiursa

- last time our heroes met up with rick and samson caught a teddiursa

- (no music playing)

-Voice-Over: no music playing today Author?

Author: nope, and that's because the music box is busted, and it needs repairs, oh and while i'm at it, enjoy the story folks

Silver: i can see Vermillion in the distance

Jordan: ok then, if we rush now we can get there before nightfall

Samson: really, but what if some hidden hazards are.....

Silver: then it all adds to the adventure then does it

Jordan: i haz an idea let's go

- about 5 minutes of running our heroes reach Vermillion, to see a crisis

ANON: help, those mean men took my precious pokemon

ANON 2: and mine too

Silver: ok then... i think it's time we checked things out..... *yawns* tomorrow let's go to the pokemon center

- meanwhile at the SS. Anne

TR Grunt: i think it's time we called it a day, let's take our cargo and report back to boss ok

TR Grunt 2: great

???: oh really? (climbs aboard boat)

- the next morning, our heroes decide to go to the Vermillion docks and heading towards the SS. Anne

Silver: hey guys, i have an idea let's take a trip aboard the SS. Anne

Jordan: that's not a bad idea since we are bored and there isn't much to do, and it should be fun plus we do have those tickets

Samson: i hope it's a luxury boat

Silver: of course it is, last one there is a rotten exeggcute

- a few moments later

Silver: 3 to get on the SS. Anne please

TR Grunt: i'm sorry we can't let you aboard

TR Grunt 2: instead, give us all of your pokemon

Jordan: this is just stupid

???: i say, you guys aren't doing a good job either

TR Grunt 3: how'd you get up here! all units apprehend the intruder!

Silver: oh no you don't espeon get out there and use confusion

ESPEON: espee-----on (here i go)

- as espeon used confusion, the rocket grunts were flown off the boat and into the sea

???: thanks a bunch guys, now to deliver the crates to their rightful owners, and i can get back to training

Samson: wait a minute, wasn't he....

Silver: never mind that let's get aboard

Guard: tickets please

- Silver flashes the 3 tickets

Guard: welcome aboard your cabin numbers are on the ticket, we will take off shortly

Jordan: wow this is luxury, i can get used to this

Samson: yeah

ANON 3: who here has a butterfree?

Samson: he---(Silver punchs him on the head)

Silver: ahem!

Samson: sorry, anyways i'm going to see if anyone wants a battle

ANON 4: hey guy, who wanted the battle, can i battle

Samson: ok then

Guard: now now, no fighting on the boat

ANON 4: say that to my bribe, now you didn't see anything

Guard: (takes bribe) you're right carry on

Silver: i think we should do this outside just in case he brings in reinforcements

Jordan: c'mon Silver where's your sense of adventure dude

Silver: ok then can i have a penny for every time he says that please

-Voice-Over: no!

Silver: i wasn't asking you

- our heroes and the ANON go outside, before jordan reaches the door, someone grabs his mouth

Jordan: mmmhhmmmmm

- meanwhile outside....

Silver: begin

ANON 4: go......(feels knocking) what was that

Samson: i choose you..... ah my pokeball

TR Grunt: ah a pokeball, trainer move one step closer and it's curtains for the pokeball

- meanwhile inside

Jordan: mmmmmmhhmlet gommmmm of meehmmmmmmm (elbows thug)

Thug: owwww, master he's getting away

ANONS: aaaaahhhhh it's Team Rocket

TR Grunt 2: move a step closer and you'll be sorry

TR Grunt 3: that goes for all of you, got it

Jordan: pikachu come out and use thunderbolt

PIKACHU: pika-----chuuuuuu (take this!)

TR Grunts: oowwwwwwwwww

- Jordan and Pikachu leave for the outside when.....

Silver: grab Samsons pokeball

TR Grunt: don't you move either

Samson: save my pokemon Jordan

Jordan: Magikarp use splash and get the pokeball back

- the magikarp comes out with sparkles surrounding it, it splashes forward

TR Grunt: oh a shiny magikarp, that can go for alot, but i guess i'll get rid of it (kicks magikarp)

Jordan: noooooooooooooooooo!

Samson: now i'm gonna charge at you (runs at the grunt)

- as samson hits the grunt he drops the pokeball, fortunately samson catches the ball, meanwhile when Magikarp hit the water, he hit it with considerable force, and the force enabled it to evolve into a gyarados who rises from the water in rage

Silver: oh my god it's a gyarados

Jordan: oh crap it's my gyarados, and look it has reinforcements too

Samson: everyone's screwed

- as more gyarados rise up from the water a storm starts to come, then out of nowhere *BOOM* the Shiny Gyarados uses hyper beam on the boat

-------------------------chapter ends---------------------------

Who's that pokemon: the pokemon the ANON wanted from a trade?
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PostSubject: Re: A Kanto Story, Chapter 19   Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:38 pm

Great chapter Smile

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A Kanto Story, Chapter 19
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