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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 4

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 4   Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:09 pm

Chapter 4: viridian blues

-Who's that pokemon from last time: pidgeot

- last time our heroes encountered team rocket

-(viridian city music plays)

Silver: (singing) v-i-r-i-d-i-a-n c-i-t-y

Jordan: we're not there yet

- 10 mins later, they arrive in Viridian City

Silver: (singing) v-i-r-i-d-i-a-n c-i-t-y

Jordan: shut up, you've been singing that for 10 mins now, so shut up please

- Silver decides to deliberately ignore him

Silver: (singing) v-i-r-i-d-i-a-n c-i-t-y

Jordan: (angry) SILVER STOP THAT NOW!

Silver: (turns of MP3) yea

Jordan: thank god for that

GOD: no problem jordan

Silver: What the hell was that?

Jordan: shouldn't we get to the pokemon center to register for the pokemon league

Silver: yea let's go

- about 5 minutes later they get to the pokemon center to find everyone really sad

Jordan: why are they so bummed out

ANON: nurse joy can't heal my pokemon

Silver: why not

ANON 2: she ain't here, we looked everywhere for her

- silver finds a note and reads it

Silver: Oh look a note, let's see what it says, (reading) i'm sorry for any inconvenience, but i'm out with my grandpa - be back soon - nurse joy x

Jordan: shall we go find her

Silver: ok then

- they leave the pokemon center, to find nurse joy, but only to find a crisis

Silver: look it's an old man, and he doesn't look too good, let's see what's up with him

Jordan: are you ok

OLD MAN: yea i tripped while i was out and i can't get up, and nurse joy, my granddaughter she has gone to the pharmacy to get some medicine for me

- meanwhile jenny comes and approaches our heroes

Jenny: what are you two doing

Silver: helping this old man

Jenny: (surprised) really?

Jordan: yea he tripped over and we went to help him

Jenny: ok then, why are we standing here when he needs our help

OLD MAN: c'mon people put your backs into it

Silver: jenny turn him on his back, jordan lift him up

Jenny: ok then

Jordan: sure

- they do so

OLD MAN: thank you very much

Jenny: have a nice day

- jenny leaves

Silver: let's go back to the pokemon center, we've done our deed for the day

Jordan: ok

- they go to the pokemon center only to find team rocket attacking

Jessie: prepare for......(silver interrrupts)

Silver: we don't have time for that crap

Meowth: don't interrupt us mid motto

Jordan: shut up ivysaur go

IVYSAUR: ivysaur (time to go)

Jessie: go ekans

James: koffing go

Silver: espeon get out there

ESPEON: espe espeon (yay im out again)

Silver: espeon, tackle go

Jessie: ekans bite

James: koffing smokescreen the pokemon center

Jordan: energy ball

- while they are battling meowth goes into the pokemon center and tries to steals the trainers' pokeballs

Silver: where did that idiot pokemon of yours get to

James: meowth is not an idiot

Silver: tell that to my shadow ball

Jordan: and my energy ball

J and J: dodge that now!

- the dodge failed, ekans and koffing started glowing and they evolved into arbok and weezing (they done a bit of battling beforehand), then meowth came back

Meowth: jessie, james let's lamb out of here before the authorities get here

- suddenly arbok and weezing started levitating........

Silver: espeon looks like you can.... use confusion

- it send arbok and weezing towards jessie and james, and meowth....... BOOM

Jessie: why can't we ever beat the twerps

Ash, Dawn and Brock: HEY! we heard that

James: and our pokemon just evolved.........

Meowth: aaaaaaah our pokeballs are gone, where did they go?

J, J and M: looks like team rocket's blasting off again

ANONS: yay our pokeballs, they're falling from the sky

Silver: great espeon you learned confusion good job (gives pokeblock)

Nurse Joy: i'm back

Everyone: YAY!

- our heroes healed their pokemon, after everyone else's pokemon were healed

Silver: nurse joy me and my frined wish to enter the pokemon league

Joy: certainly i'll need your pokedexes

- they wait ......... 10 seconds

Joy: all done both of you are registered for the pokemon league

S and J: thanks

Joy: no problem

Jordan: now that we have registered for the Pokemon League let's go silver

Silver: ok then let's go

- they leave the pokemon center, but unfortunately........

Silver: oh crap! the old man we saved earlier just collapsed............

---------------------chapter ends--------------------------

- who's that pokemon: the main pokemon of this chapter
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A Kanto Story, Chapter 4
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