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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 22

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 22   Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:23 pm

Chapter 22: a Shocker?! part 2

- who's that pokemon from last time: Pikachu

- last time Silver lost a gym battle with Lt. Surge

(The Matter's Settled Plays)

--Voice-Over: Where's the policy on no anime music

Author: must've run away with my policy on a zap on disagreement, where's my Pikachu?

--Voice-Over: what Pikachu?

Author: don't deny it

Silver: Ladies, zip it!

Author: enjoy

- A new day dawns, and Silver is up and rubbing his eyes, and Jordan comes in with 3 coffees

Jordan: morning all, (looks to Silver) so what are you gonna do?

Silver: well train, i guess

Samson: you could always capture a Ground-Type pokemon, i heard there's a cave around these parts full of Diglett and Dugtrio i reckon they'd......crap they've gone

- Silver and Jordan, closely followed by Samson reach Diglett's cave

Silver: (turns on Flashlight) is this it?

Samson: yup (listens closely) something's coming

- a Diglett comes up from ther ground

Silver: Squirtle, come on out and use Bubblebeam!

SQUIRTLE: squirtle squirt (on the double!)

- Squirtle's attack came so unexpectantly that the Diglett couldn'see it coming and faints

Silver: Go Pokeball!

- *nudge* *nudge* Diglett was caught, but was sent to Oak's labratory

Silver: damn i forgot i have 6 pokemon already, now i think it's time we got back to the pokemon-------ahhhhhhhh

- a group of Digletts and Dugtrios started attacking out heroes

Silver: Squirtle Bubblebeam

Jordan: Ivysaur, Energy Ball

- most of the Digletts dig underground and the bubblebeam and Energy Ball hit the Dugtrios who shake the ground with their Magnitude attack, everyone becomes unbalanced, and the digletts attack Ivysaur and Squirtle sending them flying and in pain

Silver: Hydro...Pump....Now!

- The Hydro Pump manages to wash away the Diglett and Dugtrio who run away after their pride is ruined, then Squirtle glows white and evolves into Wartortle

Silver: wow it evolved

Samson: and now we can leave

Jordan: to the pokemon center

- a few moments the pokemon center

Nurse Joy: i'm happy to say your pokemon are all healed, good luck today Silver

Silver: thanks, bye

- Silver and co. run towards the Gym

Silver: i'm here for my rematch

- the door opens allowing our heroes to enter

Lt. Surge: well well well, if it isn't the kid back for a rematch

Silver: watch your mouth, i might win this time

Ref: The Gym battle rematch between Silver from Pallt Town and Lt. Surge will now begin. Each side will use 3 pokemon and the battle will be over when all 3 pokemon on either side are unable to continue. In addition, only the challenger may substitute pokemon, now begin!

(Who is Stronger?: Epic Battle! Plays)

Lt. Surge: Voltorb, come on out!

VOLTORB: voollll tooorrrbbb (you're gonna lose)

Silver: Ivysaur get out there

IVYSAUR: ivvyyy Saur (Oh really?)

Lt. Surge: use Shock Wave

Silver: Use Vine Whip to launch yourself into the sky, now use an additional Vine Whip to grab Voltorb!

- Ivysaur launched himself up just before the Shock Wave makes impact, he then uses his second vine to grab Voltorb catching it by surprise

Silver: give it a little spin and then hit it on the wall hard!

Lt. Surge: Thunderbolt now!

- The whoosh from Ivysaur spinning Voltorb round had drowned out the command give by Lt. Surge, and then when it was ready Ivysaur let rip and slammed the wall hard, this was enough to make Voltorb faint

Lt. Surge: lucky punk, now say hello to my Electabuzz!

ELECTABUZZ: eleecctttaaa buzzz (your victory is denied)

Lt. Surge: Ice Punch!

Silver: Dodge now!

- unfortunately the dodge failed as the Ice Punch hit the vines that Ivysaur had froze which put extra weight on meaning that Ivysaur is stuck

Silver: free yourself using another vine

Lt. Surge: use Thunderpunch to send it flying

- whilst Ivysaur was freeing itself Electabuzz was running towards it. When the ice finally smashed Ivysaur had no time to dodge as Electabuzz's Thunderpunch a#had hit the neck, propelling it into the air

Lt. Surge: finish it with one more Ice Punch!

Silver: Ivysaur do something!

- Electabuzz jumped up and used Ice Punch to hit Ivysaur's bellcausing it to plummet to the ground, as the smoke cleared, Ivysaur had fainted.

Silver: Drat! now go Diglett!

DIGLETT: Diggllettttt (i'm at your service.)

Samson: look at the size of it, compared to that

Jordan: that's what she said

Lt. Surge: Ice Punch that little squirt

Silver: dig underground to dodge it

- Diglett used its speed to dig a hole underground, but the Ice Punch made the hole bigger, unfortunately Diglett was safe and bonked his head into Electabuzz's belly, Electabuzz trips backwards

Silver: hmmm....i have an idea. Diglett continously dig holes to make

the ground unstable

Lt. Surge: keep using Ice Punch!

Jordan: i think the stress is showing

Samson: clearly, knowing that he's battling a Ground-Type Lt. Surge needs to think of other strategies

- Diglett's bobbing his head in and out making more and more holes is confusing Elerctabuzz and annoying Lt. Surge

Jordan: it's like a game of Whack-a-mole!

Samson: (sarcastically) that's really relevant isn't it?

Jordan: alright, no need to be sarcastic

- the ground-support around Electabuzz collapses after the continuous digs and constant freezing of the arena

Silver: finish it with Magnitude!

Lt. Surge: Ice Punch quick!

- Diglett bonks his head hard on the ground causing a minor earthquake of Magnitude 6, Electabuzz still manages to land its Ice Punch whilst being unstable, but the rocks coming from the earthquakehit Electabuzz hard causing it to faint

Lt. Surge: impressive, but there's no way you're getting past Raichu!

RAICHU: rai rai (no way!)

Silver: use Dig!

Lt. Surge: Flood the battlefield using Surf!

S, Sa and J: WHAT!?!

- A wave came from under Raichu's feet and it used the attack to completely intimidate Diglett as the Surf floods the battlefield, Diglett drowns and faints from exhaustion.

Lt. Surge: (laughs) that's what you get for pulling that stunt

Silver: oh really? now go Espeon!

ESPEON: espee espeon (my time has come!)

S and Lt. S: this water has given me an idea

Silver: use Confusion to lift the water up and send it towards Raichu!

Lt. Surge: use Thunderbolt and use the water as a lightningrod!

- both attacks was executed at the same time and thus the lifted up by Espeon's confusion was used as a shield to avoid damage from the Thunderbolt.

Silver: use Rapid-Fire Shadow Balls!

Lt. Surge: Volt Tackle

- Raichu had used the momentum from the remaining water puddles to gain speed and pulverise the Shadow Balls, Espeon knowing that he had no other options used Confusion to make a temporary shield to get away which seemed to have worked as the water sprayed against Raichu's eyes and as he got his vision back, Raichu hit the wall

Silver: now finish it with Psybeam

- Espeon's Psybeam was sent towards Raichu at great speed, giving Raichu no time to dodge and thepower of the attack was enough to make Raichu faint

Ref: Raichu is unable to battle, Espeon wins and the victory goes to Silver from Pallet town

Silver: yay, we did it

Lt. Surge: so you did, kid, i'm impressed with how you used the ground and my Raichu's Surf to your advantage, you truly deserve the Thunderbadge

- Lt. Surge hands Silver a badge from his vest pocket, and now Silver and co. leave for the pokemon center

ANON: yea, so i heard there was gonna be a bike race in a few days

Samson: (eavesdropping) a bike race hmmm....

- Meanwhile....

Author: and that's why it's never a good idea to steal other people's pokemon for your own intentions, got it?

--Voice-Over: sorrry...

--------------------CHAPTER END------------------------

Who's that Pokemon: the pokemon Silver caught in this chapter
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PostSubject: Re: A Kanto Story, Chapter 22   Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:14 pm

Lol poor Pikachu... kidnapped by the voice over.

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PostSubject: Re: A Kanto Story, Chapter 22   Thu Dec 22, 2011 5:48 am

yea, though to be fair the Author had that coming
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PostSubject: Re: A Kanto Story, Chapter 22   Thu Dec 22, 2011 5:59 pm

Yeah he sure did.

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PostSubject: Re: A Kanto Story, Chapter 22   

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A Kanto Story, Chapter 22
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