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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 16

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 16   Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:23 pm

Chapter 16: Legendary Team Legend

- who's that pokemon from last time: Arcanine

- last time Team Legend invaded Cerulean City

- (SSBB Battle for Storm Hill music plays)

- Voice-Over: what's this, i thought you said..........

Author: i found i wasn't done with this music yet

- Voice-Over: i wish his music box broke

Author: granted, but i'll get a new one, enjoy this chapter


???: hahahahahahahahahaha

Samson: why are we standing here, when there are innocent people in trouble

Hero: right, let's go through the alley

- Meanwhile...

???: That's it, come on out you lot, the faster you vacate these buildings, the faster we can destroy them

ANON: you can't do that!

ANON 2: yeah these are our homes

???: remember we control this city (receives transmission)

TL Grunt: sir, the prisoners we caught have escaped, by a mystery man

???: whaaat! (turns off transmission) ok then time to do things myself

- back at the alley...

Silver: great, a crossroads, now where do we go

Jordan: c'mon silver where's your sense of adven-------

Silver: don't even finish that sentence

Terob: (claps) well done, now you're trapped, i have grunts on every part of the crossroads, you can't escape

Hero: O rly?

Terob: Ya rly

- Voice-over: can't we edit that, so it makes sense

Author: you can't edit that, it's a meme

- Voice-Over: whatever

Terob: Go Tyranitar

TL Grunt: Golbat!

TL Grunt 2: Sneasel!

TL Grunt 3: Houndour!

Silver: espeon get out there!

Jordan: go ivysaur!

Samson: Hitmonchan, make a stand!

Hero: let's go arcanine!

- and so the thrilling fight ensues between both sides with Jordan fighting Terob, Silver battling the first grunt, Hero, battling the second grunt, and Samson battling the third grunt, Ivysaur's energy ball collided with the hyper beam, but ivysaur was overpowered. Espeon had made light work of golbat with psybeam. It was a close match between Sneasel and Arcanine, but Arcanine managed to edge it with fire blast which had overpowered Sneasel's icy wind, and Hitmonchan didn't crack up in the heat of battle despite houndours embers and flamethrowers, but just as both sides was tuckered out...

Samson: Sky Uppercut!

- Bam! the Sky Uppercut, collided with Houndours neck and it had fainted.

Silver: quick let's go

Terob: don't let them get away

TL Grunt: Weezing smog attack

Hero: run, (points to a random direction) this way

Jordan: let's hope we picked the right way

Silver: an opening!

- our heroes reached the opening, the south bank where the source of the fire was, meanwhile on route 5...

Jackson: What the hell is that, hmmm... it's time i got my revenge, back i go to Cerulean...

- back at the south bank...

???: well well well i commend you for your efforts, i Mercury, Commander of Team Legend am impressed, but it stops here

Terob: master Mercury should i capture them again?

Mercury: no, my Metagross should do all the work

Silver: oh yea, i bet our.......

Hero: sorry, but after assessing the pokemon you have, i don't think ...

Samson: my charmeleon...

Silver: ...and my charmander says no

Hero: come out arcanine

H, S and Sa: use flamethrower!

Mercury: use psychic and deflect the flamethrower into another direction

- the psychic attack directed the flamethrowers into the nearby buildings, then...

Jackson: how pathetic, i can do better than that, Electabuzz...

Jordan: you think you can do better? ok then surprise us

Mercury: meteor mash

Jackson: stand your ground

- the meteor mash hit's electabuzz's head, then electricity flows through metagross, this was because the ability static came into effect

Jackson: come on then finish the job!

H, S, Sa: flamethrower!!!

- the flamethrower comes into contact with metagross' face, the power of which was multiplied by 3, not even metagross can withstand that, and thus metagross fainted.

Mercury: noooooo! that's it (on transmission) everyone we need to retreat, drop your smoke bombs and escape

- and just like that, alot of smoke had engulfed Cerulean City, but only for a few seconds.

Jackson: hmph... now that that's done i'll be outta here

Silver: wait, what about our battle we never got to finish

Jackson: tomorrow, that's when we'll battle 1-on-1, k see ya

Hero: our work here isn't done yet, we need to save misty and officer jenny, and i know where they are, the police station

Jackson: ok then, let's go

- they reached the police station and after a little bit of searching they find the basement locked with the same door as the jail, hero offered to break the door down like last time.

Jenny: thank god for that

GOD: no problem officer jenny

Misty: thanks for saving us

Silver: no problem let's go upstairs

Jenny: so where's team legend it's time i arrested some of them

Samson: well, they got away from us, they dropped smoke bombs again...

Jenny: darn... oh well, i want to see how much destruction there has been

- they go outside, neither Jenny or Misty are impressed

Misty: it'll take weeks, i mean months to repair this

Jenny: first order of business, we need to get everyone back, so we can get the repairs done

Hero: i guess i'll stay here for a bit, for a few days to help with the repairs and then it's back to training

Silver: ok then, thanks for the help

Nurse Joy: good news everybody, the pokemon center is back up and running again

Jordan: great, let's stay there overnight

- our heroes go to the pokemon center for a nice deserving rest

-----------------------Chapter Ends-------------------------

- Who's that pokemon: the pokemon mercury used
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A Kanto Story, Chapter 16
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