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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 13

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 13   Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:20 pm

Chapter 13: a cerulean riot?

- who's that pokemon from last time: raticate

- last time our heroes defeated team rocket inside mt. moon

- (route 4 FRLG music plays)

Author: Finally i can open the chapter in peace, mustn't jinx myself

-Voice-Over: heeellllllloooooo!

Author: (facepalms himself) drat! and i could've gotten away with it if it wasn't for..... i mean enjoy the story folks

Silver: finally we're out, now onwards to Cerulean City!

J and Sa: yea!

???: (from the distance) look out!

- the suspicious person bumps into our heroes just like that

Everyone: ow!

???: look where you're going next time

Silver: what! you bumped into us

JJordan: how about you look where you're going next time

???: (looks down) oh look you ruined my new outfit

Samson: who are you?

???: well if you must know team clumsy my name is Jackson Craw, and i will win the upcoming Kanto League and i hereby mark you my rivals

Silver: who cares, anyways what were you running from?

Jackson: give me a battle and i might tell you, if you win i'll tell you everything, if not you leve me be got it?

S, J and Sa: got it

Jackson: ok shall we make it a 1 on 1 with no substitutions

Silver: fine by me

Jackson: ok then go Electabuzz

ELECTABUZZ: electabuzzzzzzzz (you're going down!)

Silver: Espeon get out there

ESPEON: espe espeon (i'm feeling lucky)

- *KABOOM* an explosion is heard from a distance

Silver: what was that

Jordan: i say we investigate, screw your battle

Samson: yea, because if that's happening in cerulean city we need to get there

Silver: ok then let's go, espeon return

Jackson: oh no you don't GET BACK HERE NOW, WE HAVEN'T FINISHED YET!

Silver: oh go away

Jackson: THat's it i'm following you then

- so our heroes and their new rival peg it towards cerulean city. usually it is a quiet town with water flowing through it, but there is destruction and screams from the locals

Silver: look at the destrucion

ANONS: run you 3 run

Terob: hahahaha that's right run you puny cerulean losers, and your precious gym leaser is nowhere to be seen

Jordan: oh no has he captured misty?

Samson: wait a minute isn't that, Terob, the one who got away in pewter city

Jackson: who the hell is he

Terob: (looks down) not you 3 again, i'm gonna destroy you this time Tyranitar use hyper beam all around the city

- the explosion causes more of the residents to flee their homes in a loud scream, meanwhile...

-Voice-over: you're just gonna let this happen, i want a commercial break

Author: i told you once and i'm gonna tell you again, NO COMMERCIAL BREAKS, now if you're not gonna be useful leave

-Voice-Over: no!

Terob: ahahahahahahahahahah, i love destruction

Silver: if you love it so much why don't you marry it

ANONS: quick let's get out of here

????: wouldn't it be easier to call officer......... unnnhhhh, ok i see your point let's go

Terob: you see nothing will stop me, got it puny trainers i control this city

Silver: not this time, mankey get out there

Jordan: Ivysaur go!

Samson: hitmonchan make a stand

- (inserts sinnoh gym leader music from the anime)

Author: what i didn't insert this

-Voice-Over: you did now

Author: (angry)

Silver: errr... jackson little help here

- meanwhile......

Misty: what's that in the distance

Misty's BF: don't worry about that we're on a date

Misty: but my gym could be in trouble

- back to the action and Terob's Tyranitar has knocked out silver's mankey with a strong hyper beam

Silver: oh drat, oh wait, squirtle get out there

Jordan: Vine whip now

Samson: Brick Break his belly

Terob: sandstorm now!!!

- the sandstorm rages on, everyone can feel it even the humans, Hitmonchan couldn't hit the target because he couldn't see the target, the vine whip however was able to hit the target it was super effective

Jackson: mr. Clumsy leader you have a water pokemon ow! why don't you use him

Silver: use bubblbeam

Samson: Brick break

Jordan: vine whip

Terob: Hyper Beam

- and just like Jackson said the bubblebeam douses the sand and is able to hit tyranitar, but it was weakened by the sand, and as a consequence, the only thing the hyper beam hit was Jackson's Electabuzz as he never returned him to it's pokeball earlier, and just like that a number of people assembled behind our heroes, meanwhile the brick break and vine whips hit Tyranitar it was super effective, tyranitar fainted.

Terob: i should've told it to dodge, when the sand subsided

????: you and your excuses, come on men let's get him

- some of the residents start charging,then out of nowhere Officer Jenny emerges from the police station where she was held captive by a few thugs

Jenny: Ok then everyone stop rioting, Terob there's no escape you're under arrest come down here

Terob: i don't think so i'll make the same escape as i did in pewter city, i will be back (drops smoke bomb)

Samson: where'd he go

Jordan: never mind that we've saved Cerulean city

Silver: now about that battle Jackson

Jackson: forget it, my electabuzz got injured because of that moron, we'll battle soon (he leaves for the pokemon center)

Silver: guys i think we need to find misty and challenge her to a battle

????: i think i know where to find here, she might be at the cape

Silver: cheers, bye

- they leave for the cerulean cape..... (to be continued)

--------------------Chapter Ends-----------------------------

who's that pokemon: the pokemon Jackson had?
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A Kanto Story, Chapter 13
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