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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 12

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 12   Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:19 pm

Chapter 12: a rocket in the mountain

- who's that pokemon from last time: paras

- last time our heroes were walking through mt. moon

- (mt. moon FRLG music plays)

Author: finally, i got rid of the voice-over

-Voice-over: someone mention my name

Author: oh crap, enjoy the story folks

- *RUMBLE*, *BOOM*, *RUMBLE*, a large rumble is heard........

S, J and Ja: what the hell was that

- meanwhile

???: we need to find that moon stone for professor zanboy (phone rings)

Pr. Nanba: IT'S NANBA

Silver: we need to find the source of that rumbling

Jordan: how, we need a clue

- suddenly out of nowhere a load of pokemon, starts running from the left hand side

Samson: is that the clue you were looking for

Silver: good enough, so let's go

- they proceed to the left hand side of the cave where the pokemon were running from when...........

Silver: hey look, it's .........

J and Sa: team rocket!!!!

???: what are you 3 brats doing here, we don't need your interference

???2: yea we're on a mission for (??? punches him in the head)

???: anything else you want to blab off to the enemy butch, so you 3 better prepare for trouble

-Voice-Over: right let's cut this part out we've already been through this one

Author: you just earned a warning voice-over, carry on the story

Butch: make it double

???: To infect the world with devastation!

Butch: To blight all people in every nation!

???: To denounce the goodness of truth and love!

Butch: To extend our wrath to the stars above!

???: Cassidy

Butch: and butch of course

Cassidy: We're Team Rocket, circling Earth all day and all night!

Butch: Surrender to us now or you will surely lose the fight!

Silver: so you're cassidy, and you're Biff?

Butch: aaaahhhh, the name is BUTCH!!!!!!

Cassidy: you 3, get out of our way we're on a very important mission for professor bimbo (phone rings)

Pr. Nanba: IT'S NANBA!!!

Silver: professor badboy? is that his name?

- cassidy's phone rings

Cassidy: yes, (throws phone), it's for you

Pr. Nanba: IT'S STILL NANBA!!!!!!!

Jordan: i say let's battle them, go clefairy

- just after that a stalactite falls on jordan's head and the moon stone falls from his pocket

Cassidy: yes! a moon stone, we'll have that

Silver: oh really, go metapod

METAPOD: metapod (yea man, i'm here)

TR grunt: let's go golbat stop them kids from grabbing the moon stone

Jordan: i don't think so ivysaur come out and use vine whip on the moon stone

- the moon stone is retrieved by the vine whip, the other vine whacks cassidy in the face

Cassidy: how dare you!!!!, go raticate

Butch: go shuckle

Jordan: clefairy use meteor mash

Silver: metapod use tackle

TR grunts: we need more golbats, go!!!

- there is intense battling, clefairy uses meteor mash on shuckle then....

Samson: wait i want in on this battle too, go hitmonchan, use brick break on raticate

- the brick break hits raticate, the raticate uses hyper fang, it was a critical hit, meanwhile the golbats use air cutter on metapod, it looks like it was about to faint but..... it starts glowing, it evolved into butterfree, butterfree uses confusion on the golbats, they all fainted after being slammed onto the grund then, the TR grunts sent out more golbats, jordan sent out pikachu....

-Voice-over: so to make a long story short........

Author: shut up.....

- pikachu used thunderbolt on all the golbats, the golbats fainted, clefairy's meteor mash makes shuckle faint and the brick break makes raticate faint....

Cassidy: arrrgggghh you stupid twerps, stay out of our way

Samson: yea, leave this place, oh and tell professor zanboy to stick his plans in a dark place where the sun don't shine

- cassidy throws her phone to Samson

Pr. Nanba: IT'S NANBA

Silver: do you realise noone cares

- after that, Samson throws the phone back, then team rocket makes a hasty retreat

Samson: *phew* that was close,we got rid of them

Jordan: at least they didn't grab our moon stones(looks over) what's that in the distance

S and Sa: it's the EXIT!!!

- they proceed to the exit and when they do they end up on route 4

---------------------------chapter ends-------------------------

who's that pokemon: the pokemon the grunts used
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A Kanto Story, Chapter 12
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