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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 11

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 11   Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:18 pm

Chapter 11: mt. moon trek

- who's that pokemon from last time: squirtle

- last time our heroes left pewter city and silver caught a squirtle

- (mt. moon HGSS music plays)

-Voice-over: how come silver gets to catch all the pokemon, i'm gonna put a catching ban on him

Author: HEY!!!! you can't do that mr. voice over i'm the Author i can do whatever i like got it, enjoy folks, oh and that's another thing....................

Silver: *yawns* morning all

J and Sa: morning silver

Silver: let's go guys mt. moon awaits us

Samson: ok then, just let me get my mountain supplies

- 10 minutes later they are ready for the trek, but... just before they leave

???: want to buy a pokemon, i am a magkarp salesman

Samson: ok.... what are you trying to sell?

Magikarp salesman: i'm offering $500 for it

Silver: why should we buy it, it could be something crap?

Magikarp salesman: because it is special, please buy it i have a wife and kids to feed

Jordan: why should we...(silver steps on his toe), (reluctantly)ok then i'll buy it

- jordan buys .... the pokemon (*cough*)

Magikarp salesman: thanks for doing business bye!

- before they go inside mt. moon

Jordan: before we go in we should see what pokemon he sold me

Samson: maybe it'll be something rare, like a mew

Jordan: come on out! (throws pokeball)

MAGIKARP: magikarp karp (hi i'm a shiny magikarp)

Jordan: a.....magi...karp

S and Sa: is that a shiny magikarp, hey good going jordan

Jordan: really great, let's go in

- they go inside mt. moon

Silver: whoa!! it's so big in here, and it's such a big cave, we'll easily get lost

Jordan: silver, where's your sense of adventure dude

Silver: didn't you say that in viridian forest

Jordan: maybe.....

- they walk on ahead, unfortunately they didn't notice the stalactites because it was dark and then.........

S, J and Sa: OWWWWWW!!!

Silver: who left that there....

Jordan: team rocket.....?

Samson: nah, it's naturally occuring (looks to the left) oh look........

- then a clefairy comes up to our heroes..

Silver: isn't that a clefairy, aren't those rare?

Jordan: go magikarp use bounce

MAGIKARP: magikarp karp (sorry no can do)

- the clefairy then waggles it's fingers, it was using metronome, the metronome turned out a dud at first but then a big bolt of thunder came down, magikarp fainted

Jordan: ok then plan B, go ivysaur, use vine whip

Samson: hey! i want that clefairy too, go hitmonchan use focus punch

- the clefairy uses metronome again, which turns out to be psybeam which hits hitmonchan, hitmonchan lost it's focus and couldn't move, the vine whip then hit the target, it knocked clefairy into a stalactite, clefairy fainted

Jordan: go pokeball ( 3 wiggles, clefairy is caught) yay i got clefairy, now go clefairy

- then a stalactite falls on silver's head, one of the moon stones silver bought from flint flings out of his pocket

Silver: OWWW!!!! stupid stalactite, wait where's my moon stone (looks around) oh there it is (picks it up)

Samson: i think we should run, before any more stalactites fall on our heads

S and J: agreed...

- they run, not knowing where they are going they bump into another set of stactites, then a wild machop appears, silver sends in caterpie, which uses tackle, machop uses karate chop, it was a critical hit, then caterpie started glowing it evolved into a metapod

Silver: ok stupid machop, metapod, use harden

- as it uses harden another stalactite falls, it hits metapod, but it had no effect, then suddenly a paras appears

Samson: hitmonchan, come out and use mega punch on the paras

- the paras uses mega drain, it drained hitmonchan's health, hitmonchan uses mega punch again it hits paras' head, paras fainted, Samson throws a pokeball, the pokeball wiggles 3 times, Samson caught the paras, then a stalactite falls and blocks the clear path out

Silver: oh great now we're lost because of those stupid stalactites

Jordan: silver, where's your sense of adventure dude

Silver: well we better find another way out before we end up being screwed

Samson: i got an idea, i'll use hitmonchan...(silver interrupts)

Silver: (smartly)to punch a hole in the wall, then the cave will cave in on us

Samson: sorry...

- *RUMBLE*, *BOOM*, *RUMBLE*, a large rumble is heard........

S, J and Sa: what the hell was that

- meanwhile......

Author: now do you understand mr. voice-over, i hope i didn't lecture you too much..

-Voice-over: (sarcastically) no you didn't

--------------------------chapter ends-----------------------------

who's that pokemon: the pokemon Samson caught
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A Kanto Story, Chapter 11
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