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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 10

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 10   Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:15 pm

Chapter 10: the mountainous road

- who's that pokemon from last time: steelix

- last time silver earned the boulder badge

- (pewter city HGSS music plays)

Author: if this stupid music continues playing then i'm gonna sue the voice-over, but until then enjoy the story folks

- the day after silver's victory in the pewter gym

Jordan: hooray i finally got the boulder badge

- this is how he done it, against geodude, jordan used his ivysaur, it went down quickly, against the golem, jordan kept ivysaur, and although it put up a good fight, both pokemon fainted, and finally against steelix, jordan used Samson's charmeleon, and after some heavy blows both pokemon fainted and jordan won by default, because he still had 1 pokemon remaining

Samson: well congrats now should we leave

Silver: wait what about your badge

Jaylen: i already got the boulder badge quickly, a week after i started my journey and that was a month ago, now should i think we should leave

- they decided to leave the city but unfortunately.........

ANON: to leave you must pay the toll

Silver: (angry) this is getting ridiculous

ANON: pay the toll otherwise you'll stay here

Jordan: we've had enough of this

ANON: why can't you just pay the toll without complaining

Silver: because you keep telling us too, (*sighs*) fine we'll pay the toll... for the last time

- they pay the toll, and they finally get out of pewter city

Silver: woop! we finally left pewter city, no more tolls

Jordan: yea, time to celebrate i'll get the drinks, where to next?

Samson: cerulean city, the gym leader there is misty, she uses water type pokemon to get there you need to go through mt. moon which is just beyond route 3 so let's go

- they go forward to route 3, in which they find a couple of youngsters fighting over a squirtle

Silver: hey look a squirtle

ANON 2: hey! this squirtle is mine you got that

ANON 3: no that squirtle is mine i called it

Silver: come on ladies, we all know that squirtle is gonna be mine

- the squirtle walks away from the youngsters and ends up walking in front of silver

Silver: i guess he has picked a winner bad luck ladies

ANONs 2 and 3: noooooooooooo but we wanted that squirtle

- unfortunately the squirtle uses hydro pump on our heroes and sends them back to..........

Jordan: nooooooooooo we're going back to pewter citttttyyyy!!!!!

Silver: i feel like those 3 lame people we sent blasting off a few days ago

- then the squirtle goes back into the bushes

ANONs 2 and 3: let's go....... before squirtle uses hydro pump on us... run!!!

- they then leave the scene meanwhile

Silver: that's just great, i can't believe we ended up back here, but why?

Samson: now we have to pay the stupid toll again

- they try to leave but......

ANON: what's this about you saying about not having to pay the toll again, so it looks like you'll have to pay the toll

Silver: we just left you saw us and now we have to pay again....

Jordan: stupid squirtle

- they paid the toll.. again, and go to route 3 again

Silver: right, now let's proceed through this route and to mt. moon, we should still.... oh crap

- just as they seemed safe, the squirtle emerges from the bushes

Jordan: if the squirtle is back then...

Samson: why am i acting like i feel a sense of deja vu coming along

Silver: we'll see why now, ahhhh!!!

- the squirtle then unleashes another hydro pump, no prizes for guessing where they end up..........

Student: errrr...... brazil?

Author: wrong!

Jordan: nooooooooooooo we're gonna land in pewter city again ahhhhh!!

Silver: great now we have to pay yet another toll, stupid squirtle

- they go to the exit then............

ANON: pay the toll, if you want to leave

Silver: oh come on! you've seen us leave twice now, we're getting sick and tired of this

ANON: just pay the toll people and then you can leave

- they pay the toll and leave then when they think it's safe

Silver: that person must have short term memory, oh great it's the squirtle again

- just as squirtle was about to launch another hydro pump

Jordan: pikachu come on out and use thunderbolt

PIKACHU: pikaaaaachuu (you will lose squirtle)

- it was super effective, squirtle fainted

S, J and Sa: go pokeball!!!!

- silver's pokeball hit's the squirtle 3 wiggles and it is caught

Silver: yay i caught the squirtle

J and Sa: oh well, well done

- as they approach mt. moon.......

Jordan: finally mt. moon is on the horizon

Silver: thank god for that

GOD: no problem silver

Samson: hey wait isn't that a pokemon center in the distance

Silver: you know what it's getting late *yawning* i think we should rest here, agreed

J and Sa: agreed

- they go to the pokemon center and stay there overnight

---------------------chapter ends----------------------------

- who's that pokemon: the pokemon that kept sending our heroes back to pewter city
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A Kanto Story, Chapter 10
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