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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 9

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 9   Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:14 pm

Chapter 9: a rock-hard battle

- who's that pokemon from last time: tyranitar

- last time our heroes reached pewter city and paid some tolls

- (pewter city HGSS music plays)

Author: hey! what did i say last time, NO MORE HGSS MUSIC!! and what did you do, oh yea put some HGSS music n

-Voice-over: *yawning*, who's complaining

Author: well well, the culprit emerges

-Voice-over: i'm the culprit?

Author: ha! you admit it, enjoy, but first i'll change the music

- (pewter city FRLG music plays)

Silver: *yawning* morning all, time to battle the gym leader of the pewter gym

ANON: to do that you must pay the toll

Silver: not this again......

- as silver is about to leave jordan and Samson arrive

Jordan: morning silver, i got you a coffee from starbucks

Silver: (sarcastically) did you have to pay the toll

Jordan: why no because......(Samson finishes)

Samsonn: because i told them that he was my cousin, so shall we go to the Pewter Gym then

Silver: ok then.... hey wait was there anyone asking you for the toll

Samson: er...... i don't think so

- they try to leave the pokemon center but...........

ANON 2: pay the toll, all of you now!

Samson: what the hell, you let us through last time

ANON 2: pay the toll, then you can leave

Samson: (*sighs*) ok we'll pay the toll, this is getting expensive and money doesn't grow on trees

- they pay the toll and leave the pokemon center, they decided to head for the gym ... by walking there but.........

-Voice-over: time for a commercial break......

Author: do you really think, i'm gonna put in a commercial break this early, i don't think so. you better pay my toll for wasting my time

- the voice-over pays the toll then, and about 10 minutes later our heroes reach the pewter city gym which has the japanese rock garden out back but.....

ANON 3: you must pay the toll before entering this gym

Silver: oh come on stop doing this, this is getting expensive

ANON 3: no toll no entry it's the rules

Silver: Screw the rules i have... oh wait

ANON 3: you won't be screwing anything ok, now pay the toll!

Silver: ok then, we'll pay the toll

Jordan: (sarcastically) more like pay the troll

- they pay the toll but then.......

???: want to buy a rock

Jordan: hey silver, isn't that the rock seller that theif was talking about yesterday, the one he described as.... crazy

Silver: yea i think it is, excuse me, can we enter the gym

???: yea, but first you must buy a rock

Samson: at least it isn't a toll

Silver: true you do have a point

- they buy a rock from the rock-seller, and just before silver throws it away, jordan tells him that it is a moon stone and so Silver keeps it puts it in his pocket, and then they enter the gym

Silver: i challenge your gym

????: welcome challenger i am forrest, brocks younger brother

???: and i'll be the ref, i am flint, i was the Rock-seller

Silver: ok then let's battle, i'm ready when you are

Flint: the battle between Silver the challenger and Forrest the gym leader will now begin. each side will use 3 pokemon, and the battle is over when all 3 pokemon on either side are unable to continue, in addition only the challenger may substitute pokemon

Forrest: i'll beat you using pokemon by brother raised, go crobat

CROBAT: cro cro (yay i'm out)

Samson: hey wait a minute i thought this was a rock type gym

Silver: i don't care, ok then espeon get out there

ESPEON: espe espeon (time for some hurt)

Silver: use confusion, and keep using it

Forrest: use supersonic

- crobat's attack failed because he was floating up and down, it was super effective, then a beam of light came from the third eye of espeon, it learned psybeam

Silver: great you learned a new move, now use psybeam

Forrest: dodge it now!

- the dodge failed as the psybeam makes contact with crobat's body it was super effective, crobat fainted

Forrest: you got lucky that time but not for long, now go golem

GOLEM: goleeeemmmm (you're going down)

Silver: ok then espeon return, now bulbasaur get out there

BULBASAUR: bulbasauurr (time for action)

Silver: bulbasaur use razor leaf

Forrest: use sandstorm now!

- the sandstorm deflects the razor leaf and hurts bulbasaur

Forrest: now use rock throw

Silver: dodge and use razor leaf

- the dodge failed as the rock hit's bulbasaur's head, it was a critical hit

Silver: ok then razor leaf again

Forrest: use rock throw again, and make this one count

- the rock throw missed, the razor leaf hit, it was a critical hit, golem is low on HP, then bulbasaur bulb was glowing....

Silver: hmm.... i think that bulbasaur is using.......solarbeam bulbasaur now!

Forrest: Golem dodge quickl

- the dodge failed because Golem was too slow (*inserts Sonic taunt here*), golem fainted

Forrest: ok then, time for the pokemon i helped raise, i even evolved it for my bro to his surprise of course, go steelix

STEELIX: steelixxx (you won't survive)

Silver: ok then, bulbasaur use razor leaf

Forrest: iron tail now

- the iron tail deflects the razor leaf and hits bulbasaur, bulbasaur is now low on HP

Silver: charge up solarbeam

Jordan: big mistake in my opinion

Forrest: iron tail once more

- the iron tail hits the sitting duck target, bulbasaur fainted

Silver: mankey get out there

MANKEY: man mankey (i'm out and ready to kill)

Silver: Mankey use brick break

Forrest: iron tail

Silver: dodge that now

- the dodge succeeds thanks to Mankey's speed, the brick break hits Steelix's head, it was a critical hit and Super effective

Forrest: wow he's fast, hey it's not his speed.... i mean, you must've raised him well i can tell, but now i'll use dragonbreath

Silver: mankey hit the same point using brick break

Forrest: harden now

- mankey was too fast to let the dragonbreath hit, it hit the same spot as last time, it was another critical hit so the harden was nothing to Mankey and as a consequence, steelix fainted.

Forrest: wow, you're mankey is tough i can't believe i lost, but here is the boulder badge the proof of winning here in the Pewter Gym

Flint: but you must either pay the toll or buy a rock to receive it

Silver: what!

Flint: only joking, forrest present him with the badge

Forrest: congratulations, here's your badge

Silver: i got the boulder badge

Flint: now buy another rock

Silver: (*sighs*) fine

- after he bought the rock which was turned out to be another moon stone our heroes went to the pokemon center to heal their pokemon and stay there overnight...

-------------------chapter ends--------------------------

-Who's that pokemon: the 3rd pokemon forrest used
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A Kanto Story, Chapter 9
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