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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 8

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 8   Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:12 pm

Chapter 8: pewter city chaos

- who's that pokemon from last time: kakuna

- last time our heroes got themselves out of viridian forest

- (pewter city HGSS music plays)

Author: wait i thought i said no HGSS music

-Voice-over: really i didn't see that, so i put the music on

Author: you DID WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

-Voice-over: yea, you got a problem with that

Author: (angry) yes i do, go away voice-over, oh and enjoy the story folks

- the author and voice-over left

- (pewter city FRLG music plays)

Silver: finally we've reached pewter city, let's go jordan

Jordan: yea let's go, the sooner we get there the sooner we get our 1st badges

- they get to the front gates of Pewter city when they were stopped by a random guard...

ANON: i'm sorry, you're going to have to pay the toll to get in here

Silver: pay what!!!!!!!

ANON: i said PAY THE TOLL!!!!!!!

Jordan: why should we it's a free country

ANON: pay the toll!

Silver: ok, stop it now or else, or else i'll give you a taste of my knuckle sandwich

ANON: pay the goddamn toll!!!!!

Jordan: never

ANON: pay the toll otherwise no entry

???: charmeleon flamethrower

ANON: aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!

- our heroes tried to use the oppertunity to get past, but the ANON tells them...

ANON: hey!!!!! pay the toll now!!!!

Silver: ok ok we'll pay your stupid toll

- they pay the toll, and enter pewter city, it was a nice town which had lovely flowers and even a japanese rock garden and was home to not only the pewter gym but to a large family and one of which was the gym leader.

Jordan: finally

???: i know, my name is Samson, i owned the charmeleon

Silver: done no help though, but our pokemon need a rest in the pokemon center

Samson: i wouldn't if i were........oh great they went anyway

- they went to the pokemon center when they were stopped by......

ANON 2: pay the toll

Silver: not this again, say that one more time and my espeon will introduce you to his shadow ball

Jordan: and that's the same with my ivysaur and his energy ball, now let us through or we will do it

ANON 2: no unless you pay the toll!!! rules are rules

Silver: screw the rules i have.... *ahem* er i mean, espeon shadow ball

Jordan: ivysaur use energy ball

- the energy ball and the shadow ball both hit and our heroes including samson enter the pokemon center, when a kid came in and said............

ANON 3: quick the department store's being robbed

Silver: quick let's go guys

J and Sa: right

ANON 4: you aren't leaving unless you pay the...........(Silver, Jordan and Samson interrupt)

S, J and Sa: oh SHUT UP!!

- they rush to the department store as quick as their little legs can take them but when they got there (no prizes for guessing what's coming next)

ANON 5: pay the toll

Silver: (angrily) not this again it's getting old, just let us through

ANON 5: no unless you pay the toll

Jordan: ok we'll pay the stupid toll

- they pay the toll, and enter only to find more trouble

Jessie: who said trouble

Author: wrong episode

Jessie: sorry

- jessie and the author leaves

ANON 6: quick that tyranitar over there is causing trouble

???: ok let's make more misery and destruction, tyranitar use hyper beam

Silver: hey! who are you and what are you doing here?

???: i am noone at least noone of your concern, and once i've done here, i'll destroy the pewter gym and get rid of that crazy rock-seller

Brock: (in sinnoh) HEY!!!! don't talk to my father like that

Jordan: well we won't have that so ivysaur energy ball

???: dodge

- the dodge failed as the energy ball quickly fires towards it's target, it was a critical hit and super effective

Samson: ok time for me to finish the job, hitmonchan, come out and use brick break

Silver: and mankey come out and use brick break too

???: DODGE, NOW!!!

- the dodge succeeds and mankey and hitmonchan hits a nearby statue but luckily, the statue didn't break

Silver: jordan, we'll hold him off, you go and get officer jenny and pay any toll they ask you to pay on your way

Jordan: will do, i won't let you down. you can count on me

S and Sa: brick break

???: tyranitar, hyper beam

- the hyper beam misses, and hits one of the stores luckily there wasn't much damage nor was there any people inside because it was shut, and then both the brick breaks hit tyranitar causing major damage to him since it was doubly effective on him

???: noooooooo

- about a minute later Jordan and Officer Jenny arrive, and sees what is happening

Officer Jenny: ok then you're under arrest

Silver: ok you have one more chance to tell us your name

???: ok then, but only because you beat me, my names terob

Jenny: terob the theif you're under arrest

Terob: oh really, well i could be gone from here in the next 30 seconds, then what are you gonna do about it (drops a smoke bomb, and disappears)

Silver: where'd he go

Jenny: we'll get him soon, but well done for saving the department store

Silver: no problem sorry about the store that was hit, we better get to the pokemon center to heal up our pokemon for our first gym battle

J and Sa: right

- afterwards our heroes went to the pokemon center, of course having to pay the toll, healed their pokemon to full health and slept there overnight

----------------------chapter ends---------------------------

-who's that pokemon: the pokemon that was causing trouble in the department store
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A Kanto Story, Chapter 8
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