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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 7

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 7   Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:12 pm

Chapter 7: enter team legend

- who's that pokemon from last time: caterpie

- last time our heroes got themselves lost in viridian forest

- (viridian forest HGSS music plays)

Author: *yawns* ya know what, i'm getting bored of HGSS music, time for a change methinks

-Voice-over: enjoy .........

Author: ok what the hell are you doing here voice-over

-Voice-over: me?

Author: yes you! i don't see any other annoying voice-overs around here

Silver: excuse me ladies but can we get on with this

Author: sorry, enjoy

- (viridian forest FRLG music plays)


S, J and A2: what was that?!

???: what an absolute success don't you think

????: i agree with you there, we can get what we want now and there will be nothing to stop us

Silver: right jordan, ANON, wait what is your name we never asked because of all the beedrill's

??: oh yea i forgot my manners, my name is rick, i'm a bug catcher

Silver: ok then, jordan, rick let's go

J and R: ok then

- they get moving seeing multiple pokemon including weedles and metapods, eventually reaching an opening, is it the exit, well........

Jordan: oh come on why on earth are we not getting anywhere it's annoying

Rick: i dunno really, it's a really big forest you know

???: what on earth are you lot doing here? this is top secret

Silver: no the question is what on earth are you doing here?

Jordan: no the question is were you behind the explosion?

????: that is classified now leave

Rick: who are you

- meanwhile........

-Voice-over: well time for a break methinks

Author: last i checked there are no breaks here

-Voice-over: well i need one ok

Author: ok then, you can leave i'm not stopping, i'll just stay here while the action continues

Rick: who are you exactly?

???: we are members of a............(???? interrupts)

????: what are you a blabbermouth we don't need random people knowing who we are, we are team legend

???: look who's calling me a blabbermouth you just told them who we are, no wonder we're grunts

Silver: ha you're only grunts the lowest form of people in an army how ironic

Jordan: he's right you are scum

Team Legend grunt 1: SCUM!!!!, that's it time for battle, go sneasel

-Voice-over: finally some action yay

Silver: you want a fight you got one, mankey get out there

MANKEY: mankey mankey (time for some hurt)

Silver: mankey use brick break

TL-grunt 2: all right time for murkrow to come out

Jordan: then so will my pikachu

PIKACHU: pika pika (you're going down)

Jordan: pikachu use thunderbolt

TL-grunt 2: dodge and use night slash

- the dodge failed, murkrow had many volts up his wings and neck

-Voice-over: time for the edited highlights methinks i can't be bothered to watch it

Author: please you're so lazy voice-over i want to watch it all

- the fight ensues on both sides, with mankey using karate chop on sneasel and pikachu using thundershock on murkrow, both enemy pokemon dodge and then sneasel uses ice punch and murkrow uses night slash, mankey dodges and uses brick break, it was a critical hit and sneasel fainted then

Jordan: thunderbolt now

TL-grunt 2: dodge it

- the dodge failed, the electric attack hits murkrow it's super effective, murkrow fainted

Rick: looks like you won the battle

TL-grunt 1: ...and i found some viridian wood for our boss

Silver: what's viridian wood?

Rick: it's special wood found here, it's not really rare though

TL-grunt 2: so what i don't care, honchkrow come out and use dark pulse on that babbling idiot

Rick: oh really (jumps out of the way)

- when rick jumped out of the way, the powerful dark pulse hits a defenseless wild kakuna, and it fainted

TL-grunt 1: well we're done here, let's go

TL-grunt 2: ok then i don't want to be near these idiots

- they leave through the clearing, and when they done so, the exit appeared before them

Silver: great, there's the exit

Jordan: thank god for that

GOD: no problem jordan

Rick: that was weird, anyways, you found the exit, i'm gonna stick around and train a little more, see you guys

S and J: bye

- they leave the viridian forest, and a little while later pewter city was viewable from a distance

--------------------------chapter ends--------------------------

-Who's that pokemon: the pokemon that honchkrow defeated
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A Kanto Story, Chapter 7
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