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 A Kanto Story, Chapter 24

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PostSubject: A Kanto Story, Chapter 24   Sat Dec 24, 2011 10:06 am

Chapter 24: Turn Back!!

- Who's that pokemon from last time: Kakuna

- last time our heroes entered a bike race and Samson won $10,000

(RBY Bike Music Plays)

Author: enjoy the story folks

- our heroes path is blocked off by a suspicious boulder

Silver: oh my god, a huge boulder is blocking our path?!!

Jordan: (sarcastically) since when do boulders have feet?

Silver: maybe... (ANON 3 interrupts)

ANON 3: give me strength, it's clearly a pokemon

Rick: yea, a lazy pokemon

Samson: you mean, a Snorlax?

ANON 3: yea!

Samson: then we're stuffed then, they like to sleep for a long amount of time and they only wake up when hungry

Silver: ...and we're all out of food too

Jordan: looks like we'll have to turn back then

ANON 3: *sigh* i'm outta here, i'll see you boys later then (bikes off)

Silver: (picks up stone) wake up Snorlax! (throws it)

- nothing happened, Jordan laughs

Jordan: seriously Silver? let's turn back

Silver: yea i guess you're right, besides if Snorlax does wake up it'll be mad at us

- our heroes go back towards route 11, when a strange flying thing passes them

Rick: cool a Yanma, Scyther come out and use Slash

- Yanma was too fast for the Slash attack

Rick: argh Scyther, Double Team, then Slash

- Yanma was shocked to see the clones surround it then the original proceeded to attack Yanma who didn't see it coming, and it was a critical hit. Yanma fainted

Rick: go pokeball!

- *nudge* Yanma was caught

Silver: so when do we ditch the g----

Rick: you aren't thinking of ditching me are you?

Jordan: ermmm..... ooh, a Vulpix

Silver: Samson, some help here?

Samson: sorry, too busy chasing this Corphish

Silver: *sigh* give me strength...

Rick: i would love to stay with you guys but i have training to do and badges to obtain bye guys!

- Rick also speeds of on his bike leaving just our heroes who were preocupied by wild pokemon to notice. Samson sent out Paras to take care of the Corphish, Paras used Stun Spore to paralyze it, and Samson felt so confident he threw his pokeball at it, and it was caught. Jordan used his Pikachu to capture Vulpix, Pikachu used Thunder Wave, and Jordan threw his pokeball as well, Vulpix was caught.

Jordan: shall we get moving?

Silver: yea (looks at Town Map) so we need to get back to Cerulean first, but hey we have our bikes right?

Samson: yea, i wish that Snorlax wasn't blocking out path so we wouldn't have to backtrack

ANON 4: granted, but a real boulder falls where Snorlax was and destroys the bridge

Samson: on second thoughts i would rather have the Snorlax sleeping there

- Silver and co. got back on their bikes and rode back to vermillion

Silver: man this is hard work, it's almost sundown as well

Jordan: i reckon we should sleep overnight

Silver: yea i agreee

- Silver and co parked their bikes at the pokemon center and slept there overnight...meanwhile...

ANON 4: lovely bikes, would be a shame if something happened to them

Author: oh really *drops net* not if i can help it

- the next morning...

Jordan: ...guys someone tried to steal our bikes last night

Silver: how can you tell?

Jordan: look!

- Jordan and Silver went outside

Silver: what's going on?

ANON 4: some voice from above dropped a net on me

Jordan: the Voice-Over?

--Voice-Over: hell no! though i wish i did though

Silver: it must've been the Author then

ANON 4: that's the guy, if i ever see him i'll kill him

Author: good luck with that

Silver: right....let's go Jordan

Jordan: sure

- Samson comes outside

Samson: i was wondering where you guys went, err... waht's going on?

Silver: we'll explain later let's go!

- Silver and co. get on their bikes, and decide to leave Vermilion on the next leg of their return trip

Samson: so why was that guy in a net

Silver: the Author did it

- out of nowhere a Pikachu jumps out of the bushes

Silver: this guy is mine, go Diglett

DIGLETT: dig lett (more attention for me!)

Silver: Magnitude

- Pikachu jumps up as the magnitude began. During the magnitude Silver and co. became unblanced, then Pikachu used Thunderbolt but had no effect, as Pikachu hit the ground...

Silver: Magnitude again!

- The Magnnitude was stronger this time, almost to the power of an

Earthquake attack. Pikachu felt a little dizzy..

Silver: go pokeball!

- *nudge* Pikachu was caught and sent to Oak's lab

Silver: awesome, now we an go on

Samson: are you sure we can use our bikes in the underground path?

Jordan: i don't know...

Silver: well let's go anyway, return Diglett

- They went up to the Underground path, but...

ANON 4: you know you can't use bikes in there don't you?

Samson: stop stalking us!!

ANON 4: no, i think it's fun

Silver: let's ditch him, see ya

ANON 4: wait! i'm so calling Officer Jenny on you

Samson: man its so much easier riding on our bikes, that ANON is full of empty threats

Jordan: do i hear sirens?

Silver: oh crap!

- Silver and co. grind to a halt

Jenny: my my, what do we have here?

Jordan: we're just passing through

Jenny: well i had an ANON tell me that you threw a net on him

Samson: us?

Silver: he did say he didn't see the culprit, but if i recall it was the Voice-Over that did it

Jenny: thanks for your assistance (calls for backup and leaves)

Jordan: but it wasn't-----

Silver: i know it wasn't,but it'll be fun, let's go!

- Silver and co. carry on biking towards the exit

Jordan: we're nearly there

Samson: *sigh*honestly we should speed up (speeds up) woahhh ahh (slows down) man that was close

Silver: that was close, but then again that's what you get for going too fast

- a while later...

Jordan: now we're back in Cerulean where do we go again

Silver: wherever Jackson's diversion led us last time.....Route 9

Samson: oh yea, wasn't that the place with the oversized bush?

Silver: yup, let's go!

J and Sa: yea!!

--------------------------CHAPTER END-------------------------

Who's that pokemon: the pokemon Rick caught
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PostSubject: Re: A Kanto Story, Chapter 24   Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:29 pm

@whos that pokemon

The pokemon is Yanma

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A Kanto Story, Chapter 24
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